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In 2006, a group of Oracle executives with more than 80 years of combined experience in ERP reporting and business intelligence founded Orbit. They realized that something was wrong with most reporting and analytics applications.

Most platforms are designed for IT developers – not for the business users who rely on them for their daily reporting and analytics. When an end user wants something as simple as an ad-hoc report, they submit a ticket to IT – then, wait for a developer to build it – often for days – or even weeks. Meanwhile, IT faces constant backlogs of reports to build or modify.

As a result, users often ended up with reports that failed to answer their questions – and never in time! This ineffective way of doing things hurt their business.

Orbit’s leaders knew there was a better way…

As an Oracle Platinum Partner, Orbit helps companies harness the power of true self-service reporting and analytics. Orbit integrates with ERP and key business applications, providing access to real-time data from all data sources — empowering business users to efficiently build interactive reports, charts, and dashboards. Easily migrate reports from Oracle Discoverer and other reporting tools, and bring your data to life.

Talk to Orbit today about your reporting needs – and Discoverer replacement.

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