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OCNtoday (formerly UKOCN) brings you the latest news and events from Oracle and leading Oracle partners in an easy to find, easy to read format. With regular email newsletters and a dynamic news website you can always find something you didn’t know about Oracle. Tell us what you want to see and what interests you and we’ll try our best to get it to you. Sign up for our regular newsletter and we’ll deliver it straight to your inbox.

OCNtoday specializes in commercial news – there are already plenty of places for technical information. We know that you probably have a lot more than just money invested in your choice of Oracle infrastructure. Whether you chose the cloud or on-premise, your company is almost certainly dependent in some way on how well your Oracle solutions meet your business needs – technical and commercial – today and in the future.

We’re here to help you keep up with the rapid changes that constantly ripple through the Oracle community. Whether it’s product announcements from Oracle or services and complementary solutions from Oracle’s vibrant Partner community – it’s a lot of fast moving information. Check out our Oracle partners to find the expertise and experience to make the most of your Oracle investments in Oracle products and services.

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