Partner Terms

Partner Terms supplement to General Terms

Signing up and continuing to use our site means that you accept and agree to abide by all our policies, including these Data Protection and Fair Use policies, which supplement our General Terms. (

Data Protection

European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) rules means that we all have responsibility for data protection. Our policy is:

  • OCNtoday will maintain GDPR compliance.
  • Ticking the ‘Partner Term’s box on our Partner Sign Up pages indicates that you accept that OCNtoday will hold and process the personal and company data that you provide on the sign up form.
  • Data may be held in systems in the UK and the US. Data will only be used for the purpose of maintaining your membership and fulfilling our business requirement.
  • You confirm that you will not use a password which is also used elsewhere or could easily be derived – e.g. yourpassword01, yourpassword02.

Fair Usage Policy

Our ‘Fair Use’ policy sets out how you can use any of our websites – currently that’s:, and plus their counterparts. Our policy applies to all Partners signing up and posting content on our site. Content includes your Partner Profile, Banner Ads and any News and Events posts that you publish plus any other media we implement in future.

Amount of Content:

Our site is designed to help all Partners promote their products and services to our opt-in Oracle Community. Our aim is grow an interested Community and encourage them to make direct contact with you, whether by email, clicking through to your website and landing pages or through social media – the more traffic we drive for you the more successful we are. It would be unfair for a single Partner to swamp our site with enough content to squeeze out messages from other Partners or make the site look biased towards a single partner.

There are no hard and fast rules – though we may develop those over time – but if we think you’re exceeding what we think of as ‘fair use’ we’ll contact you to discuss.  As a rough guide, if you can see that you’re posting more than 1 in 10 posts, then you’re a heavy user – or we don’t have enough Partners!

Oracle and other Partner competitive statements:

Our business is based on supporting Oracle and Oracle Partners. We appreciate that Partners often compete with each other. Similarly, even Partners who are members of the Oracle Partner Network may offer products that compete in certain areas directly with a specific Oracle product – Oracle’s product range is so broad it’s difficult to avoid competition. However we don’t expect you to post overtly competitive content or to position products directly against Oracle. Equally we don’t expect you to criticise your fellow Partners and competition. If we find such material, or it’s pointed out to us, then we’ll contact you to discuss removing it or rewording it. Similarly, we won’t accept content which directly criticises or would cause offence to Oracle or it’s customers and partners. For example, you can discuss ways to optimize Oracle licensing but don’t complain about their licensing policies.

Our decision is final:

We have to protect our business and our relationships with Oracle and all our Partners. Of course there are legal issues of libel and copyright that we all have to adhere to – you are responsible for your own content meeting all legal requirements as defined in our General Terms. But where it comes to making a call on fair usage, we’re sure you’ll understand our position and work with us. Our decision is final and we will remove posts and profiles if necessary.